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A list of Closed Fixed Rate Mortgages available in Nova Scotia.
Use this comparison chart to find the lowest mortgage rates that do not fluctuate on mortgages that cannot be paid off entirely prior to end of term.

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Closed Fixed Rate Mortgage 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 10 Year Max Annual Lump Sum Prepayment Max Annual Increase to Regular Payments Customer Rating 
Tangerine Fixed Mortgage2.79%1.94%2.04%2.19%2.34%2.84%3.29%25%25%
HSBC Closed Fixed Traditional Mortgage3.29%3.49%3.69%4.29%2.39%5.64%6.24%20%20%
Laurentian Bank Closed Fixed-rate Mortgage2.69%2.94%3.45%4.09%2.44%5.80%5.80%6.60%15%15%
Manulife One Closed Fixed Rate Term Sub-Account2.99%2.69%2.49%2.49%2.69%4.54%4.64%20%25%
BMO Closed Fixed Rate Mortgage2.79%2.94%3.49%4.09%3.99%5.24%5.40%4.49%
President's Choice Financial Fixed Rate Mortgage3.09%3.49%4.09%4.54%4.72%4.89%5.80%20%25%
National Bank Closed Fixed Rate Mortgage3.34%3.59%4.15%4.59%5.14%5.34%5.60%6.40%10%100%
CIBC Fixed Rate Closed Mortgage3.39%3.34%3.64%4.29%5.14%6.20%6.44%10%100%
Scotiabank Closed Fixed Rate Mortgage3.64%3.74%4.39%4.59%5.19%5.69%6.19%15%15%
Home Trust Fixed Mortgage3.49%3.74%4.30%5.04%5.34%20%20%
RBC Royal Bank Closed Fixed Rate Mortgage3.49%3.74%4.30%5.04%5.34%5.80%6.60%10%10%
TD Canada Trust Closed Fixed Rate Mortgage3.34%3.54%3.44%3.89%5.59%5.14%5.80%6.10%15%100%

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