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A list of TFSA Savings Accounts available in Saskatchewan.
Use this comparison chart to find the highest interest rates on TFSA savings accounts and the right features.

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Angelika on July 26, 2013
If you've never made a TFSA contribution in your life, then get seatrtd there's nothing to lose if you put it in a cash account (you can always decide to get higher-paying assets later).1) Figure out your contribution limit. Right now, you get $5,000 a year in contribution room. This annual will increase (likely to $5,500 for 2013). If you turned 18 at any point during or before 2008 (and haven't contributed anything) then you can probably contribute up to $20,000.2) Open an account with CDF, since they're paying 3% (although make sure this doesn't change before you open the account!!). Also, call them up beforehand to negotiate if you want to close your TFSA, they'll charge you $50 but you can negotiate to eliminate this BEFORE you open the account. As I told them, they have NOTHING to fear if they keep the most competitive rate; and if their rate drops below the highest then they KNOW I will leave. I won't leave angrily if they don't try to trap me. If they try to charge fees, that's trapping me. I come and go as the winds of interest rates blow.

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