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Information about the State Bank of India (Canada) Saving Account

Product NameState Bank of India (Canada) Saving Account
Available InCanada (Only in Ontario, British Columbia)
Offered ByState Bank of India (Canada)
Product PageState Bank of India (Canada) Saving Account
Interest Rate0.01 %  Interest Rate Decreased from 0.1 % to 0.01 % on October 17, 2017

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Minimum Balance$100
Withdrawal Fee$0
Other FeesMonthly Maintenance Fee (when account balance falls below $100.00 on any day of the month): $5.00
Fund TransfersWithdrawal Options:
Branch Withdrawals
Interac Direct Debit
Bill Payments
Deposit InsuranceCDIC
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Customer Ratings for the State Bank of India (Canada) Saving Account

Customer Service:1

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 Reviews & Comments about the State Bank of India (Canada) Saving Account
Ebony on July 24, 2013Overall Rating: 4
Super exeictd to see more of this kind of stuff online.
Cost/Rates/Value: 3  Convenience: 5  
dpk2508 on May 8, 2013Overall Rating: 1.75
SBI's accounts and remittance options are really great, but they have really poor staff promoting it. I have never had a good experience in their branches. I bank with their downtown Toronto branch. I only go there to deposit cash for remittance to India. Their staff look like they are no paid well and they are very unhappy working there. Just today I went there to make a deposit, and this teller thought that I am someone else and handed me a bunch of Account opening forms to fill out even before asking me anything. I told her I have come to make a deposit and she got really upset. I had to fill another form to deposit cash and when I asked her "why such a long form?" she asked me to close my account and take my deposits elsewhere. It was an innocent question, I was shocked by that reaction. This is the third time i went to the branch and each time a similar experince. The last time I was in the branch I asked a question "Can i transfer money online from canadian banks into SBI canada?", and their reaction was "Its a long process which might take months, its better to deposit in person". With staff like her, they will have to close their branches here and go back. They look like they need another 100 years to even compete with Canadian banks. If you are looking for good service from a bank, do not even go near this one.
Customer Service: 1  Cost/Rates/Value: 2  Convenience: 1  Features: 3  

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